Do Coffee Machines Destroy the Coffee Health Effect?

There’s nothing like enjoying an exquisite cup of coffee early in the morning, especially if it has been brewed by using freshly-grinded coffee beans. The problem is that not all people have the time to grind the beans and then brew the coffee, and that’s why bean-to-cup machines have been created, because they make everything easier.

These machines grind the beans automatically. The quality of the coffee, provided the machine is good, will be surprisingly good. If you are looking for a great pick which will bring you the quality of coffee you are after, then find it here.

But how do they work? You already know what they do, but it’s precise to understand how they accomplish so and what mechanisms they use.

Understanding Its Goals:

The ultimate goal of this type of machine is to bring a creamy, flavor-rich and fresh coffee. Meanwhile some people have the time to grind the beans manually, many others don’t have such privilege, and in order to solve this problem bean-to-cup machines have been created, to provide a top-notch quality coffee at the touch of a button.

A good machine will provide the user with an intuitive control panel with different options in order to regulate temperature, coffee strength and many other variables you can adjust to your liking. An easy way to brew coffee should not be an excuse for poor customization, and most machines understand that.

But this goes according to the price. For example, the control panel you find in a De’Longhi Eletta ($900 USD) comes with many more options than the control panel in the Cuisinart One Cup Grind & Brew ($129 USD). The difference in price is quite notorious, but the options for customization are infinitely better.

And a special note is that most of the best bean-to-cup machines use 15 bars of pressure, in order to bring you the best espresso. Even though according to experts on the matter 9 bars of pressure are excellent for this purpose, many machines list up to 15-17 bars of pressure.

These are the principal goals of this machine. The price can be higher than your average coffee machine, but it’s totally worth it if you are looking for a superior quality of coffee at the push of a button, because it cannot get better than that.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

The Parts and the Process:

These machines are composed by a reservoir for hot water, a grinder and a thermoblock. These are the most important parts.

The first thing the machine does it to grind the beans. Many machines will give you the option to regulate this, because if you make it very fine, then it will take more time to brew. Once the beans are grinded and the special oils have been released, the machine is ready to take the next step.

An important thing to notice is that many machines use a thermoblock to heat the water. This device comes with a valve which limits water to move in only one way, which is excellent because it allows you to heat water on demand.

Then, using approximately 15 bars of pressure, the hot water is forced through the fresh ground coffee and gives you a flavor-rich, sharp and exquisite cup of espresso.

In summary this is how these machines work. You can customize the end result to your liking by using the options provided in the control panel. They vary from model to model, take that into account.

The process has been explained in very easy terms, although it can be more technical and harder-to-understand than that if we really get into the details. But there’s one thing you need to know: Every machine handles the process differently. That’s why you always need to read reviews before buying one.

Some come with a thermoblock, some don’t. Some allow you to customize the grinding, some don’t.  That’s why it’s primordial to read reviews, so you can make sure the machine you are about to buy comes with all the features you are looking for, which for instance can be a milk reservoir.

Final Words:

Even though some people argue that you can only brew the perfect cup of coffee manually, a bean-to-cup machine makes things much easier and practical. That’s its goal and that’s why so many people prefer it.